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The essence beauty textures And soft natural feeling
The TFL (Thermally Fused Laminate) is the new generation of melamine that offers an affordable kitchen cabinets collection of finishes. The beauty textures and soft natural feeling.
Thermally fused laminate (TFL) decorative panels can be manufactured with enhanced visual and performance characteristics. Surface textures are created with steel press plates that emboss the decorative overlay to heighten the realism of wood grain, stone or abstract designs. Steel press plates can also be used to create or control the gloss level of the surface.
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VKC ER101 Grigio Teak
VKC ER 103 Blanco
VKC ER 105 Carbone
VKC ER 110 Metro Oak
VKC ER 112 Medium Ash
VKC ER 111 Stone Ash
White High Gloss Super Matte
VKC Black PanelArtz 
High Gloss, Super Matte
LAVA, PANELARTZ High Gloss, Super Matte
LIGHT GREY, PANELART High Gloss, Super Matte
RED, PANELARTZ  High Gloss, Super Matte
VKC BLUE, PANELARTZ  High Gloss, Super Matte

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