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Van Kitchen Cabinets and Closets is a premier millwork manufacturer in great Vancouver  with extensive experience fabricating and installing from custom exterior door casing, to the custom walking bookshelves room! From replacing the laminate flooring to the custom light-ceiling fixtures for commercial and residential projects of all sizes and styles.
Vancouver Kitchen Cabinets is a specialty trade contractor delivering great architectural craftsmanship to Vancouver’s high-end construction market. We deliver the trade knowledge, leadership, engineering, quality product and skilled craft labor required to safely execute demanding millwork and finish carpentry packages. Since 2008, we have collaborated on hundreds of succesful projects with Vancouver’s leading builders, architects and designers.
Our approach to business is best summed up by our team’s core values: Think safe, work safe. Deliver excellence. Communicate well. Team focus. Continuously improve. Stay humble. Do the right thing. These values guide our relationships, our decisions and our actions each day.

Operationally, the VKCC team are focused on four key priorities:
1.SAFETY: For the well being and health of our employees and partners.
2.BUDGET: For delivering projects profitably, on schedule and at a fair price.
3.QUALITY: For the craftsmanship and customer experience we deliver.
4.HAPPY CUSTOMERS: For healthy, long term relationships with our clients.
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Please contact us to learn more about our services and product offerings.

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